Asia-Pacific Symposium & Exhibition on
Electromagnetic Compatibility

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May 08-11, 2022,Beijing, China.

    The 13th Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility & Technical Exhibition (APEMC 2022) will be co-located with and held during the 2022 Beijing EMC Week, Beijing, China, from 08 to 11 May 2022. The first APEMC has been taken place in Singapore from May 19-22, 2008. This is a major step towards a high-quality, international Asia-Pacific EMC symposium addressing the needs of a rising EMC community in the region, fostering its link to the world and promoting excellence among its members. The consequence of APEMC were held in Beijing, China in 2010; Jeju Island, Korea in 2011; Singapore in 2012; Melbourne, Australia in 2013. In 2014, APEMC co-sponsored the EMC Tokyo, Japan. APEMC 2015 May 2015 in Taipei, APEMC 2016 , May 18-21, in Shenzhen, 2017 APEMC, June 20-23, in Soul , 2018 APEMC May 14-17, Singapore, 2019 APEMC , May 23-27, in Sapporo, Japan.

    The Symposium will continue the APEMC spirit to engage and address the world-wide EMC community with a primary focus on the Asia-Pacific region. The 2022 APEMC will serve as a bridge and provide a broad exchange platform for both academia and industry. The symposium will recognize innovations and technology leaderships through Best Symposium Paper Awards, the Best Student Paper Awards, and other reputable recognitions. The scope of the symposium will encompass the entire spectrum of electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic environment, signal integrity as well as featured EMC in emerging technologies.

    We warmly invite all prospective authors to submit original papers with latest research results. We also welcome proposals for focused sessions, industrial forums, workshops and tutorials.

Important Dates

  • Proposals for special/focused sessions, industrial forums, workshops and tutorials.

  • Nov. 20, 2021

  • Preliminary Paper Submission.

    · Three (3)-page Preliminary Paper Submissions

    (3-page papers presented at the conference will be included in the IEEE Digital Xplore with EI indexing)


    · One (1)-page Abstract Submission

    (to be published in conference proceedings but NOT in IEEE Xplore; No final paper submissions are required)

  • Dec. 20, 2021

  • Notification of Acceptance.

  • Feb. 15, 2022

  • Final Paper Submission .

  • Mar. 05, 2022

    All submissions must be electronic. Details can be found in the symposium website that will be opened later.


    2022 电磁兼容会议暨展览会

    2022年5月8日-11日 中国·北京


        2022中国电磁兼容周的会议主题将全面涵盖电磁兼容、电磁环境、电磁安全、电磁标准、芯片及系统的信号完整性等诸多领域,并特别关注新兴及热点技术中的EMC问题,立足传统,特色鲜明, 面向世界,面向未来,为产学研各界提供一个广阔的交流平台。会议将设置特别/专题分会(Special/Focused Sessions)、工业论坛及展览(Industrial Forums & Exhibition)、研讨会(Workshops)和精讲课(Tutorials)等多个精彩纷呈的分会场。


        注: 2022年亚太电磁兼容国际会议(APEMC)所录用并且在会议期间完成大会报告(口头演讲或墙报)的论文,在通过IEEE会议出版部门审核后将被收录到IEEE Xplore®上在线发表。


  • 特别/专题分会(Special/Focused Sessions)、 工业论坛(Industrial Forums)、研讨会(Workshops) 和精讲课(Tutorials) 的组织计划书

  • 2021年11月20日

  • 论文初稿提交(3页全文或1页摘要, PDF格式)

  • 2021年12月20日

  • 论文录用通知日期

  • 2022年02月15日

  • 论文最终稿提交

  • 2022年03月05日



    The President of the Symposium, Dr. Erping Li, giving the welcome address at the opening ceremony on 1 March 2006.

    The President of the IEEE EMC Society, Mr. Elya Joffe, gave his address at the opening ceremony of 2008 APEMC.

    The President of the 2010 APEMC, Prof. Jinliang He (second to the left) and the General Chair, Dr. Erping Li (third to the left), are shown with attendees.

    The symposium chair of the 2011 APEMC, Prof. Jeong-Ki Pack,
    presented the welcome address.

    Description: 照片4

    APEMC2012 Organising Committee is shown with two keynote speakers, from left Zhao Huapeng, Chua Eng Kee, Wolfgang Hoefer,Joungho Kim, Ingo Wolff, ERPING LI, James Drewniak, En-Xiao Liu, Xingchang Wei, Mark Tan.

    The Symposium Chair, Franz Schlagenhaufer, Janet O'Neil of ETS-Lindgren, and Er-Ping Li at the APEMC Exhibition.

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