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Media Partners for 2018 EMC in Singapore

Safety & EMC 

Eletromagnetic Compatibility Forum


About our media partners

SAFETY & EMC Magazine

SAFETY & EMC magazine started the first publication from twenty eight years ago, it is the unique official publication (CN 11-3452/TM, ISSN 1005-9776) synthetically introducing the safety and EMC technology of electronic and electric industry at present in China, which is supervised by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC and sponsored by China Electronic Standardization Institute (CESI).

SAFETY & EMC is a bimonthly publication with a cohesive, innovative and professional workforce. In 2008, it started its English edition yearly, and erected the bridge for international academic communication. Until now, its readers are more 500’000. Most of them are engineers, teachers and students; however, there are a lot of marketing and purchasing personnel becoming its faithful readers.

SAFETY & EMC is with a deep core of understanding of this industry, its column arrangement is subject to professional and technical features, for instance, Certification & Marks, Standard & Application, Testing & Measurement, Electromagnetic Interference Suppression Technology, Material Application in EMC, Professional Research, EMC Classroom, Conference Release, New Products, Company Profile and so on. This magazine promptly publishes the relative policies, laws and regulations of governmental administrations. It plays a good guiding role in raising the safety and EMC performance and in the import and export trade of electronic and electric products.


联系地址:北京市安定门东 大街1号(100007

     联系电话:010-64102630  ,13661263027     

E-mailwangsh@cesi.cn wangsh420@126.com



Introduction in Chinese

期 刊介绍

安全与电磁兼容是工业和信息化部主管、中 国电子技术标准化研究院(CESI)主办的双月刊,它是唯一专门介绍电子、电气、通信等产品安全和电磁兼容技术的国家正规出版物(CN 11-3452/TM, ISSN 1005-9776)。

《安全与电磁兼容》出 版28年 来推陈出新,保持着其前瞻性、专业性、实用性、知识性等特点,并不断地推出各种题材的专刊以及面向国际的英文版,为其所拥有的500000读者提供最新的政策法规、认证程序、测试 方法,以及最前沿的研究技术、学术信息等。

《安全与电磁兼容》根据对行业专业技术特征的 理解,将其栏目设置为“认证与标志”、“标准与应用”、& amp; ldquo;测试与测量”、“电磁干扰抑制技术”、“EMC材 料应用”、“电磁仿真”、“EMC教 室”和“论文撷英”等栏目;《安全与电磁兼容》杂志还会不定期对业内的专家、学者进行专 访,对当前的热点进行深度解 析,以及对国内外顶尖的实验室进行介绍等。它对提高电子电气产品安全与电磁兼容性能、促进电子电气产品进出口贸易起着良好的指导作用。

Eletromagnetic Compatibility Forum (EMC-F)

The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Forum is a dedicated platform created by the EMC people, for the EMC people. This big family of Electromagnetic Compatibility Forum (EMC-F) consists of thousands of renowned EMC experts and scholars, professors and students, EMC practitioners and engineers, EMC educators and trainers.

The EMC-F is a place where like-minded people are speaking the same language of EMC; talking about latest EMC technologies, R&D results, products, and services; exchanging and disseminating EMC knowledge and information, and so on.

We come together in this EMC-F as a big family, where we respect one another; we may at times disagree with one another about what is said about EMC, but we will defend to the death one another’s right to say it properly. As the organizers of the EMC-F, we are striving to provide you with timely, valuable, and relevant EMC technologies and information, so as to continuously improve your user experience as an EMC-F member.

We believe in sharing with mutual benefiting for all in the EMC community. We cherish existing EMC-F members and we also warmly welcome anyone who is interested in EMC and related areas to join us.

Three avenues of our EMC Forum are as follows:
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Wechat Public Account:More than 10,000 fans at the moment. Come and follow us, follow the EMC technology trend!
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) WeChat Group:More than 3,300 members by now arranged in seven WeChat groups. Join our WeChat groups, join the many enlightening EMC discussions!
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) QQ Group:More than 6,500 members by now spread in four groups. Join our QQ groups, join the real-time EMC talking!

Let’s connect now by simply scanning the following QR codes of our EMC-F:


Introduction in Chinese


这里不仅有业内知名的电磁兼容专家学者,更有成千上万的一线电磁兼容工程师和学生。这里是一个交流电磁兼容技术,分享电磁兼容成果,获取和发布电磁兼容信 息的大平台,也是一个电磁兼容大家庭。

“电磁兼容EMC”交流平台致力于为所有电磁兼容工程师和科研工作者以及电子电气工程师和科研工作者,乃至所有 对电磁兼容问题怀 有兴趣的广大朋友们提供快捷、有用、丰富的电磁兼容技术交流和信息传递服务。希望所有关注、加入我们的人,都能有所获益!


a    “电磁兼容EMC”公众号,目前已经有1万多位粉丝。欢迎关注!
b    “电磁兼容EMC” 微信群,目前已经有3300多位朋友加入,形成了7个群,欢迎加入!
c    “电磁兼容EMC” QQ群,目前已经有6500多位朋友加入,形成了4个群, 欢迎加入!

     关注“电磁兼容EMC”微信公众号,可以接收电磁兼容技术文章、培训展会、招聘求职、厂商产品等相关内容,扫描 左侧二维码即可;
     加入“电磁兼容EMC”微信群,可以与国内外数百EMC同行实时技术交流讨论,扫描中间二维码,注明& amp; ldquo;EMC”即可邀您加入;
     加入“电磁兼容EMC”QQ群,可以与国内外数千EMC同行实时技术交流讨论,扫描右侧二维码,注明& amp; ldquo;EMC”即可邀您加入。

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