Asia-Pacific Symposium & Exhibition on
Electromagnetic Compatibility

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The Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility(APEMC) was founded in May 19, 2008, it was initiated a broad discussion amongst the Asia-Pacific EMC community after the great success of EMC Zurich held in Singapore in 2006. There was a general consensus of combining the many scattered EMC events in the region to form a major EMC symposium similar in quality to EMC in Europe or to the IEEE EMC Sympsoum in the States. It was agreed that such a symposium be an annual event moving among the different countries of the region also offering an industrial exhibition to address the needs of industry.

The first APEMC has been taken place in Singapore from May 19-22, 2008. This is a major step towards a high-quality, international Asia-Pacific EMC symposium addressing the needs of a rising EMC community in the region, fostering its link to the world and promoting excellence among its members. The consequence of APEMC were held in Beijing, China in 2010; Jeju Island, Korea in 2011; Singapore in 2012; Melbourne, Australia in 2013. In 2014, APEMC co-sponsored the EMC Tokyo, Japan. APEMC 2015 May 2015 in Taipei, APEMC 2016 , May 18-21, in Shenzhen, 2017 APEMC, June 20-23, in Soul , 2018 APEMC May 14-17, Singapore, 2019 APEMC , May 23-27, in Sapporo, Japan.

APEMC has demonstrated the scientific excellence, openness and outreach to the industry. It now became one of the major EMC events in the world in parallel to IEEE EMC in States and Euro-EMC in Europe. The Technical Program Committee (TPC) consists of world-renowned EMC and RF experts and scientists with adequate representatives all over the world which ensure the high quality of the symposium.


The President of the Symposium, Dr. Erping Li, giving the welcome address at the opening ceremony on 1 March 2006.

The President of the IEEE EMC Society, Mr. Elya Joffe, gave his address at the opening ceremony of 2008 APEMC.

The President of the 2010 APEMC, Prof. Jinliang He (second to the left) and the General Chair, Dr. Erping Li (third to the left), are shown with attendees.

The symposium chair of the 2011 APEMC, Prof. Jeong-Ki Pack,
presented the welcome address.

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APEMC2012 Organising Committee is shown with two keynote speakers, from left Zhao Huapeng, Chua Eng Kee, Wolfgang Hoefer,Joungho Kim, Ingo Wolff, ERPING LI, James Drewniak, En-Xiao Liu, Xingchang Wei, Mark Tan.

The Symposium Chair, Franz Schlagenhaufer, Janet O'Neil of ETS-Lindgren, and Er-Ping Li at the APEMC Exhibition.

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