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       Widespread and frequent occurrence of COVID-19 pandemic in many parts of China has caused severe challenge for the country’s epidemic prevention and control. In order to fully cooperate with and implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the China central and Beijing municipal government, effectively ensure APEMC2022 delegates’ physical health and safety as well as good APEMC2022 results, APEMC2022 organizing committee has decided to postpone APEMC2022 which was initially planned on May 8-11, 2022 to Sept. 01-04, 2022 in Beijing International Convention Center.

       We will pay close attention to the development of the epidemic, and strive to enhance the event’s organization and service work according to the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control policy and ensure the successful organizing of APEMC2022.

       We deeply appreciate the delegates, partners and exhibitors and people from all walks of life for their support to APEMC2022!

       Thank you for your understanding and supports.





The deadline for submission of three-page full paper and one-page abstract has been extended to January 08, 2022.
Extended Papers in IEEE Transactions on Signal and Power Integrity.

       在2022年APEMC大会上发表信号完整性和电源完整性相关的论文作者都被邀请将其论文的扩展版本(extend papers)提交给 IEEE Transactions Signal and Power Integrity。每一篇论文都将由该期刊以与其他定期提交的论文相同的方式进行审查。
       Authors of SIPI-related papers presented at APEMC 2022 are invited to submit an expanded version of their papers to IEEE Transactions on Signal and Power Integrity. Every paper will be reviewed by the journal in the same manner as all other regular submissions.

Your submission to IEEE Transactions on Signal and Power Integrity must meet the following three requirements:

1.   Extension Requirement

      Submissions will be reviewed to determine if the manuscript includes substantially new technical content beyond the Symposium paper; whether the past work including the Symposium paper or Transaction paper is adequately referenced; and whether the new results are placed in proper context with respect to the prior work and existing state-of-the-art. Typically, 50% or more of technical content extension is expected. Unlike a Symposium paper that might present preliminary results, a manuscript submitted to IEEE Transactions on Signal and Power Integrity is expected to present more complete and validated results. With the submission, please include a copy of your symposium paper.

2.   Manuscript Preparation

      All submissions must be made through the IEEE’s Author Portal website:  When you arrive at the site to submit your manuscript, you will first need to create an IEEE account or log in using your existing IEEE account credentials, if you already one.  Once you have logged into the Portal, choose “Start submission” and follow the prompts to submit your manuscript. Please make sure to add the following in the footnote on the first page of the paper: “This paper is an expanded version from the 2022 ASIA-PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY”.

3.   Submission Deadline

      Because the extended paper should respond to, and incorporate, the feedback from the Reviewers, the submission window is May 12, 2022 to August 11, 2022. In other words, the deadline for submission is August 11, 2022.  This deadline is firm and papers designated with the footnote after this date will be returned without review.

       为表彰在电磁兼容领域彰显创新及领导力、为电磁兼容发展做出卓越贡献的科学家、工程师和优秀青年学者,本届 APEMC 2022 在设立“最佳会议论文奖”、“最佳学生论文奖”和其他技术及成就奖的同时,新增“最佳会议摘要奖”
      In order to recognize scientists, engineers and young scholars who have demonstrated innovation and leadership in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and have made outstanding contributions to the development of ELECTROMAGNETIC compatibility (EMC), the APEMC 2022 will introduce the “Best Conference Paper Award”, “Best Student Paper Award” and other technical and achievement awards, as well as the “Best Conference Abstract Award”.

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