Final Paper Preparation and Submission

    In preparing your final papers, please refer to the reviewers’ comments at EDAS or in the paper acceptance email and make necessary changes to your preliminary papers.

  • Full paper (3-page)
  1. Please be reminded that if your paper is a 3-page FULL paper, then the IEEE conference paper template must be strictly used, otherwise the paper may be rejected by IEEE with no publication in the IEEE Xplore. You can find the paper template here.
  2. To ensure IEEE Xplore compliance, you are required to use the IEEE pdf Xpress tool at (Conference ID:  53576X ) to create the PDF file of your final paper. You may need to create an account first before using the tool.
  3. Please upload your final manuscript (the above IEEE-compliant PDF file) by 05 March 2022 via EDAS (
  4. In the EDAS paper submission page, you will be redirected to the IEEE online Copyright webpage. Please follow the instructions there to submit the copyright form of your final paper.
  • Abstract (1-page)
  1. Abstracts will be included in conference proceedings, but NOT in the IEEE Xplore, thus no Copyright Transfer is needed.
  2. Please upload your final abstract by 05 March 2022 via EDAS (

A snapshot of the paper page in the EDAS